Bags of neatly labled plant seed

Discovering a New Passion in The Great Marsh

By Dale Nichols Given the right growing conditions, the budding seed of curiosity can sometimes blossom into a wonderful new passion.  My name is Dale Nichols, and this is a story about a three-and-a-half-month journey of discovery involving my own curiosity with, well, seeds—more specifically the seeds of native plants growing in the Shirley Heinze …

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Hikers at Lydic Bog Nature Presreve

Winter Hiking? Sure!

Winter Hiking? Sure! By Evie Kirkwood Many avid warm weather hikers shun the chill of winter, but it’s a great time to be on the trails. If you’ve stayed away from winter hiking, wary of slippery or cold conditions, the right gear can improve the experience.

Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer & Preserve Steward Training

Join us to learn about our Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) and Preserve Steward (PS) volunteering opportunities and how you can help Shirley Heinze Land Trust by walking our trails, filling out a log of your visits, and letting us know of any issues at the preserve.  Read more…