Volunteers at Meadowbrook

World Cleanup Day

Save the Date and stay tuned for volunteer opportunities on World Cleanup Day!

Close Up of Glass Lizard's Head

The Secretive Legless Lizard

By Evan Kaiafas The sand prairie regions of Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois are filled with an incredible diversity of reptiles and amphibians. Many of these species are what I like to call “sand specialists” because, through evolution, they have become perfectly equipped to deal with the unique conditions of a sand prairie ecosystem. These …

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Autumn Olive, Buckthorn and Privet, Oh My!

By Audra Ebling Once you see them, you can’t un-see them. Invasive plant species, that is. They are everywhere. My first personal experience with invasive species occurred when we bought a house on the north side of Chicago in the mid 90s that had a morning glory-type vine crawling its way up the garage. Charming, …

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photo of fungus on tree trunk

Home Sweet Forest Home

By Glenn N. Major You can call them snags, nurse logs, stumps… Forestry folks call them “coarse woody debris”. Much of the life in our forests call them home.  Some of us this think they are natural modern art. They are so important to forest ecology. That is why we let them lay where they …

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Bags of neatly labled plant seed

Discovering a New Passion in The Great Marsh

By Dale Nichols Given the right growing conditions, the budding seed of curiosity can sometimes blossom into a wonderful new passion.  My name is Dale Nichols, and this is a story about a three-and-a-half-month journey of discovery involving my own curiosity with, well, seeds—more specifically the seeds of native plants growing in the Shirley Heinze …

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photo of wetlands at Dale B. Engquist Nature Preserve

Partnership Week 2020 – Land Conservation Partners

Our partners in land conservation include individuals and families, non-profits and private corporations, and federal, state, and local government agencies. They provide advice, expertise, and funding to help us preserve precious natural lands and waters here in northwestern Indiana. We recently protected another 50 acres of land within the Little Calumet River Conservation Area. The …

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Orbis Botanist Nathanael J. Pilla monitoring the Little Calumet River

Partnership Week 2020 – Volunteer Partners

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Individuals from various walks and stages of life, generously donate their time and talents. They are essential to all aspects of our work, from projects out in the community and on our preserves, to serving as board, advisory council, and committee members, volunteering their time and professional expertise. …

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Partnership Week 2020 – Stewardship Partners

Our Stewardship program is dedicated to the use of wise management principles to enhance and restore the lands and waters we protect. An enormous amount of collaboration and strategic planning with national, state and local partners must take place to enable our experienced staff to implement this work across our diverse nature preserves here in …

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