Bayless Dune Nature Preserve
Seidner Dune & Swale

Seidner Dune and Swale, a dedicated Indiana state nature preserve, protects globally rare dune-and-swale topography and floodplain marsh along a beautifully restored section of the Grand Calumet River. Rescued from surrounding heavy industry and noisy highways, the black oak savanna, prairie, and wetlands communities here feature impressive wildflower displays in the spring, summer and fall.

Egrets and herons frequent the river and the wetlands. Waterfowl can be seen on the river throughout the year. Hawks, bald eagles, and falcons hunt from high overhead, and aquatic mammals and turtles are increasing in number.

Preserve Size

Preserve Size 50 Acres

Preserve Open to the Public

Open to the Public

Trail Length

Trail Length 1.3 Miles


Terrain Flat & Wet


Activities Birding

Visit the Preserve

Seidner Dune & Swale is located in Hammond along the Grand Calumet River, near Kennedy Avenue and the Indiana Toll Road.

The preserve can be accessed from Kennedy Avenue via an access road immediately north of the Indiana Toll Road. Heading east from Kennedy Avenue, parking is available at a bend in the road. Walk through the gate onto the gravel road leading east.

Seidner Dune & Swale Nature Preserve

With Thanks

to Our Generous Acquisition and Restoration Partners

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National Park Service
Great Lakes Restoration
Indiana Heritage Trust
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Nature Preserves
State of Indiana
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The Nature Conservancy
Sustain Our Great Lakes
Save the Dunes
Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
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