Bayless Dune Nature Preserve
Hildebrand Lake
New Durham Township

The woods at Hildebrand Lake explode with a remarkable display of wildflowers in the spring. Trilliums by the hundreds blanket the forest floor. Toothworts in equally large numbers line the hiking trail. Buttercups, trout lilies, spring beauties, violets offer pockets of yellow and pink and blue. Rue anemone, Jack-in-the-pulpit, squirrel corn, and many others are here as well.

The varied wetland habitats at Hildebrand Lake – marsh, swamp, open water – harbor a diversity of faunal species. The lake hosts a variety of turtles and fish. Frogs call in the spring; salamanders seek out hidden places in the wet woods. Beavers make occasional appearances. Migrating waterfowl pass through. Herons and other wading birds fish in the shallows.

Preserve Size

Preserve Size 49 Acres

Preserve Access

Restricted Access

Trail Length

Trail 0.53 Miles


Terrain Flat, Rolling Wet Areas

Visit the Preserve

Hildebrand Lake Nature Preserve is located northeast of Westville on West 125 S, between Holmesville Road and Wozniak Road.

Access to the preserve is by special permission or guided tour only; it is not easily accessed without intruding on neighboring private properties. Contact us to learn more about visiting Hildebrand Lake Nature Preserve.

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National Park Service
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Indiana Heritage Trust
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
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State of Indiana
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The Nature Conservancy
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Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
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