nature preserve events
Open your mind with an educational hike, or stretch your legs at one of our volunteer workdays.
Join us and see how everyone – especially you – can make an impact.

Scavenger Hunt @ Lydick Bog

Lydick Bog Nature Preserve 25898 US-20, South Bend, IN, United States

Discover more and win fun prizes at Lydick Bog Nature Preserve with a scavenger hunt hike! 

Meadowbrook Monday

Meadowbrook Nature Preserve 109 W. 700 North, Valparaiso, IN, United States

Our continuing Meadowbrook Monday engagements encompass all manner of volunteer work, from trail maintenance and invasive species control to cleaning seeds and addressing envelopes for fundraising campaigns. It's a great way to help us with important stewardship goals, and meet like-minded people in the process! Meadowbrook Monday continues to be a popular recurring event among …

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Volunteer Workday @ Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook Nature Preserve 109 W. 700 North, Valparaiso, IN, United States

  Garlic mustard grows on a ravine slope this spring at Meadowbrook. Meadowbrook Nature Preserve has some of the prettiest views in the Region, but aggressive and invasive garlic mustard has cropped up in many areas along the trails and brush needs to be pulled.  It's a great way to get an intimate look at …

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Volunteer Workday @ Hildebrand Lake

8151 S. 125 West 8151 W. 125 South, La Porte, IN, United States

Girl Scouts work on widening the trail at Hildebrand during a recent volunteer workday. As Shirley Heinze has developed Hildebrand Lake into a preserve the public can enjoy, we've enlisted the help of local industry and Girl Scouts. Now we're asking for the help of our regular volunteer corps. As with many of our properties, …

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