Close Up of Glass Lizard's Head

The Secretive Legless Lizard

By Evan Kaiafas The sand prairie regions of Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois are filled with an incredible diversity of reptiles and amphibians. Many of these species are what I like to call “sand specialists” because, through evolution, they have become perfectly equipped to deal with the unique conditions of a sand prairie ecosystem. These …

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Mink Monitoring Part 5: Earth Day Edition

By: Jim Haniford Well, here we are, a little over five months into Shirley Heinze Land Trust’s trail cam monitoring project at Meadowbrook Nature Preserve.  We’re marking Earth Day on the west branch of the tributary of Salt Creek, a waterway that rambles carelessly through the bottomlands of the ancient moraine.  The occasion is attended …

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Drama on Damon Run: Mink Monitoring Part 3

This story is part of an ongoing wildlife monitoring project along a tributary of Salt Creek, Damon Run,  that meanders through Meadowbrook Nature Preserve. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up!   By: Jim Haniford Nothing prepared me for winter through the lens of the trail camera.  Once Sarah fine-tuned its sensitivity, …

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