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Bringing Nature Home
Your Garden Connects to the Natural World

Your Garden Has a Purpose

Planting native plants in your own garden can make a real difference.

In a developed landscape, natural areas are separated by roads, utility corridors, agricultural land, and residential neighborhoods—all potential barriers to the movement of animals and the plants they depend on. Native plants in any of these settings can provide safe passage between areas of natural habitat for important pollinators and seed dispersers, giving the “web of life” a “web” of habitat to live in.

Native plants provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. You can support healthy natural ecosystems by landscaping with native plants, shrubs, and trees, and by avoiding the use of invasive species that spread into our precious natural habitats.

Bringing Nature Home Awards

Garden Sign

If you have a garden or landscaping that features native plants, consider submitting an application for the Bringing Nature Home award. Businesses, institutions, public agencies, landscapers, and home gardeners are eligible. If you meet the criteria, you will be awarded with a sign to place in your garden to show off your commitment to supporting native habitat!

Previous Awardees


We’ve assembled a variety of resources from partners and national organizations for you to start your native garden, from advice, planting guides, and where to find native plants.