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Bringing Nature Home

Applications are open from Earth Day, April 22, to August 1, 2024.

Planting Criteria:

  • Plantings should be primarily at least in the second growing season.
  • Native plants are defined as those growing in this region before European settlement. Learn more here.
  • Landscaping must be generally free of (or in the process of removing) invasive plants. Learn more about invasive species here.
  • Entrants must be located in Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St. Joseph, Marshall, or Starke Counties in Indiana.

What happens next?
Our Bringing Nature Home Committee, made up of staff and volunteers, will review your application and sure that your garden meets the program criteria. Then, a staff member will contact you to arrange an in-person tour of your garden/landscape.

Bringing Nature Home Application

    Applicant Information

    Please provide your information, which will be used to contact you about your application status and for other Shirley Heinze Land Trust communications.

    What is your relationship to this project?

    Planting Information

    Planting Category

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    Commercial (Business, Office, Residential, etc)Institutional (Gov Agency, Church, School, Non-profit, etc)

    Planting Address

    Planting Size

    Installation Date (Must be in at least second growing season)

    Owner (If different from applicant)

    Other Contributers

    Planting Questions

    List native plant species (including flowers, grasses, sedges, ferns, shrubs, and trees) in planting, using common and/or scientific names, if possible, and approximate quantities.

    How does your planting contribute to the local ecosystem? (check all that apply)
    Host plants for insectsPollen for pollinatorsNectar for pollinators, hummingbirds, etcSeeds for birdsFruit for wildlife

    Water for Wildlife/Water Conservation (Optional)
    PondBird BathRain GardenMulchRain BarrelOther (Please attach photo)

    Submit 3-5 photographs showing your plantings. More images can be sent to (Max file size 5MB)

    How did you hear about the Bringing Nature Home Award program?
    FacebookInstagramNewspaperShirley Heinze websiteShirley Heinze e-NewsletterFlyer at local garden supply storeWord of mouth

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