Tom Murphy in front of his crops

Interview with Valparaiso Farmer Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy, a Northwest Indiana farmer, partners with Shirley Heinze Land Trust on the Agricultural Land Program, developed with local farmers and agricultural organizations in order to surface resources and planning guidance to preserve NWI farmland for generations to come. Murphy has been instrumental in helping Shirley Heinze reach farmers and strategize effective means to …

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Photo of Rick Goltowski Granger Community Church

Flower Power: Plant Natives with Bringing Nature Home

The Bringing Nature Home Award is due August 20, 2022. Apply here! Native plants are pretty groovy—they have the power to sustain wildlife, protect our homes, and beautify communities. Shirley Heinze Land Trust works hard to restore natives throughout our nature preserves, and we also recognize the power a person holds to restore natural habitat. …

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Frogs Hopping Around Lydick Bog Nature Preserve

Growing up with a forest in my backyard, I thought I knew all the sounds that Indiana spring nights had to offer, from the distinctive hoots of owls to the occasional chirp of bats. Apart from these somewhat rare springtime noises, it seemed like the forest, for the most part, held on to the blanket …

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Streamside Sentinel

Immortalized in popular song, the sycamore occupies a special place on the Indiana panorama. The American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) is one of the tallest trees (up to 150 feet) on the Hoosier landscape, and it sometimes exhibits a circumference so large that its hollow stumps once served as dwellings and outbuildings on early-settler farms. The …

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path in a forest, all covered in snow

Hibernating Possibilities

Since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, a small group of like-minded individuals started meeting with Shirley Heinze Land Trust (SHLT) personnel about the concept of an emerging leaders group. I was one of those individuals who, at the time, did some volunteering at SHLT but also witnessed the organization take on new …

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Showing the World You Care

Under sunny skies and spring-like temperatures, nine Shirley Heinze volunteers gathered Monday, February 21, at Meadowbrook Nature Preserve to remove invasive Black Locust saplings. The Meadowbrook Monday workday was part of the organization’s ongoing reforestation effort, which has seen staff and volunteers plant 50,000 trees on the property in the past seven years, said volunteer …

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2021 Highlights

We want to thank all our supporters for a fantastic 2021. This year has brought about new programs and initiatives, the expansion of our agricultural and water monitoring programs, and new staff members. Shirley Heinze Land Trust is growing each year, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. Check out the …

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close up of white trillium flowers

Trails, Trees and Trillium in Northwest Indiana

This blog entry was originally posted through Enbridge on October 5, 2021. Some information has been updated from the original post. Shirley Heinze Land Trust uses Meadowbrook Nature Preserve trail system to engage residents in nature and conservation On a guided hike through Meadowbrook Nature Preserve in northwest Indiana, visitors traverse newly expanded trail systems through oak …

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