Nature at Home: November Activity

November Activity: Monarch and Milkweed Coloring Page
Welcome to the third installment of the Nature at Home series. As the leaves change color and the air gets crisper, there’s no better time to celebrate the wonders of autumn. Each month there will be a printable worksheet for people of all ages to enjoy and learn more about our natural world.
The monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) that graced our region during the summer months have successfully made their ~2,800 mile migration from Canada and the United States to Mexico! These extraordinary creatures began their flight in August and arrived at their destination in early November. These butterflies will stay in these warmer regions until spring when they will begin the journey heading back north. To learn about how you can support pollinators with native plants, read about our Bringing Nature Home program.
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Coloring page courtesy of Melissa Washburn.

Melissa Washburn is an artist/illustrator/graphic designer based in Valparaiso. She grew up in upstate New York, but has lived in the Midwest since 1996. Her illustrations have appeared in calendars, greeting cards, packaging design, and publications including Edible Michiana and Smithsonian Magazine.

An avid hiker and birder, in 2019 she earned her Indiana Master Naturalist certification through Gabis Arboretum and the Indiana DNR and now serves on the Marketing and Communications committee of the Shirley Heinze Land Trust, as well as training for the new Volunteer Naturalist program there.