Photo of Rick Goltowski Granger Community Church

Bringing Nature Home Garden Recognitions

The tenth season of our Bringing Nature Home Program was not to be deterred by a pandemic. The ability to spend time outdoors, tending to gardens and landscapes has become a great source of respite for many, and the applications came in. Plantings ranged from small city gardens to multi-acre rural landscapes.

While we were unable to conduct the in-person visits to each applicant as we have traditionally done, application information and photo submissions supplied enough information for recognition decisions. Garden sign awards were delivered by mail, and we asked awardees to share a photo with us. The joy and pride on everyone’s faces is wonderful to see!

The goal of the Bringing Nature Home program is to increase awareness of the important role that native plants, shrubs and trees play in supporting birds, butterflies and other pollinators. City and suburban gardens and landscapes have a critical role to play in a healthy natural ecosystem by providing extended areas in which migrating species can find food, water, and shelter.

To learn more about the Bringing Nature Home program, click here.

We are grateful to all who participated in this year’s program. We appreciate these efforts to provide healthy natural habitats here in northwestern Indiana, and look forward to a day when we can gather and meet.

Congratulations to all!